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Increase productivity with well organized maintenance

Organizing maintenance and lubrication is a highly complex task, since it has to take into account many different parameters such as processing steps, items of equipment, lubricants, tools, and maintenance frequencies.



Total Lubrifiants has designed the TIG XP 5 software to help you. It draws from the expertise of Total’s engineers and their daily contact with every actor in maintenance.

TIG XP5 exists in 3 versions : general maintenancefood industry et metalworking.

Your advantages :

  • reduce the complexity of maintenance management to increase efficiency and savings
  • monitor all your operations with a single software application that includes the full range of lubricant parameters and analyses
  • manage lubricant documentation and critical points to assert your quality and safety management
  • implement quickly your maintenance software, by customizing your parameters and training by our staff.

The functions of TIG XP5

Customized software programming :

  • recovery of source data in line with the feasibility study,
  • simultaneous management of several maintenance plans,
  • network installation for sharing data,
  • several levels of use as a function of your internal organization.
  Access 1Administrator Access 2Operator Access 3Read only
  • Lubrication plan design
  • Updating




  • Calculations maintenance operations
  • Validation





  • Consultation of lubrication plan, records, actions, analyses, etc.
  • Impression







Organization of preventive, conditional and corrective maintenance

  • planning workloads with real and simulated schedules,
  • records of actions,
  • triggering of repair operations.

Managing analyses of oils in service

  • triggering sampling of oils in service,
  • direct import of analysis results performed by our laboratories (ANAC, ANAC INDUS, ANAC COOLANT, ANAC GAS, ANAC EXPERT),
  • archiving physicochemical characteristics, diagnostics and comments,
  • graphic monitoring of the progression of each characteristic measured,
  • management of materials followed-up by analysis.

Integrated document management

  • products: technical sheets, safety data sheets, etc. 
  • internal documents: internal procedures, operating procedures, maintenance guide, etc.
  • external documents: standards, legislation, etc.
  • contacts, suppliers.

Maintenance cost analysis

  • costs of lubricants, maintenance products, labor,
  • file generation in Excel® and Access® formats for data analysis.

Dedicated food industry version

Developed for the food industry and the fabrication of dedicated packaging, this version offers : 
All the functions of TIG XP5
+ management of critical lubrication points 
+ following up lubricants to detect fortuitous contact with food

Special metalworking

In metalworking, fluid quality and tool precision have a decisive impact on machining performance. 
TIG XP5 Metalworking is composed of : 
All the functions of TIG XP5
+ cutting tool management
+ cutting fluid monitoring

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