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TOTAL provides also value-added services

Diagnose the risks of lubricant contamination 
In the framework of their HACPP* programs, all food processing plants have to control the risk of contamination of their products. Our technical managers will help you to perform your lubrication diagnostics on site:

  • identify all critical lubrication points,
  • select the appropriate NEVASTANE product to meet the performance requirements of your applications,
  • ensure that all conversion and implementation is performed correctly.

*HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points 



Optimize your maintenance with the TIG XP5 FOOD software 
TOTAL Lubrifiants has developed the TIG XP5 FOOD software to manage the lubrication and maintenance of your facilities. TIG XP5 FOOD helps you to:

  • plan preventive maintenance operations,
  • manage oil analyses and predictive maintenance,
  • control critical lubrication points in the framework of the HACCP procedure,
  • reference the documents and certificates required for food security audits.


Monitor your equipment with ANAC INDUS, in-service oils analyses
The expertise of our laboratories enables, through sampling of in-service oils, to:

  • monitor the mechanical condition of your machines without dismantling or shutdown,
  • reduce operating costs by decreasing breakdowns and production stops,
  • lengthen oil drain intervals.

Train your teams
TOTAL Lubrifiants offers training sessions dedicated to your sector of activity, on controlling lubrication, safety and the environment. A lubricant used under the best conditions enhances the performance and the equipment life cycle, securing your facilities, and protecting human health and the environment.

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