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Oil analyses to anticipate and diagnose anomalies in the production chain




Oil is the pointer to the health of your machines. 
For this reason the quality and precision of the ANAC INDUS analyses provide tangible benefits as regards productivity gains and reduced maintenance and lubrication costs : 

  • Surveillance of the machine mechanical state and of the lubricant residual qualities, without dismounting or stoppage.
  • Detection of anomalies: premature wear of a machine part, pollution (water, mixture of products, solid pollutants, dust, …).
  • Optimization of the lubricant use by an increase in the oil drain intervals.

A personalized diagnosis of your oils in service



Analysis grids adapted to the various families of industrial oils :

  • CLASSIC: general analysis for industrial oils, hydraulics, bearings, compressors and gears.
  • TURBINE: turbine oils.
  • FRIGO: refrigerating machine compressors oils.
  • TRANSFO: transformer oils.
  • CALO: heat transfer oils.
  • TREMPE: quench oils.
  • HFC: HFC-type non-inflammable hydraulic oils.
  • PARTIC: counting of particles in order to determinate the sort of pollution.
  • SOLUBLE: soluble cutting fluids.

Optional analyses linked to a grid :

  • VI: determination of the viscosity index.
  • OPTIC: microscopic analysis defining the nature and relative size of solid particles.
  • AIR: determination of the foaming and air release values.


A quick and secure access to your oil analysis



The ANAC website offer a personalized and safe access to your oil analysis results :

  • Look up the results immediately after the analysis is completed.
  • Download the diagnosis history, so as to monitor changes.
  • Transfert directly the results and comments in the TIG XP5 software, in order to plan your maintenance operations.

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